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Valley Cabinet Refinishing

                 Call 256-513-1444 for your free estimate!

What do we do?

First things first, the estimate. We come in to your home and give you a price estimated on what you would like done and the size of the project. This price is going to save you thousands versus replacing your cabinets. 

Next, your cabinets. We have a step-by-step process when we enter your home.We leave the boxes of the cabinets in place and remove the cabinet doors and drawers from the home. Both the boxes and the cabinet doors are sanded and prepared for paint. Next we tape off the room so when we spray it does't get on the walls or counter tops. We then spray a primer coat on the cabinet, sand the primer coat, then spray the new finish and clear coat. 

In between those steps we can do all the extras you would like to have such as, new hardware, crown moulding, distressing, glazing, storage, etc. 

If you have any questions please feel free to click contact us, we will get back to you via email. 

Why us?

We provide the highest quality cabinet refinishing in the Tennessee Valley. We want to help you save money upgrading your house. We understand that new custom kitchen cabinets are expensive and we are offering to give you a custom look for half the cost using the cabinets that are already in your home. 

Your cabinets are sprayed for a flawless finish, the same way any custom cabinet maker finishes theirs. So why not keep thousands in your pocket and still have custom looking cabinets?